Azerbaijani is spoken by roughly 92% of the population as a mom tongue. Russian and Armenian (solely in Nagorno-Karabakh) are additionally spoken, and every are the mom tongue of around 1.5% of the population respectively.

The divan and ghazal types had been further developed by poets Qasim al-Anvar, Fuzuli and Khatai (pen-name of Safavid Shah Ismail I). They are carried out at formal celebrations and the dancers put on nationwide clothes just like the Chokha, which is well-preserved within the national dances.


Azerbaijanis categorical themselves in a wide range of inventive ways including dance, music, and movie. Azerbaijani folks dances are historical and much like that of their neighbors in the Caucasus and Iran. The group dance is a standard kind discovered from southeastern Europe to the Caspian Sea. Lezginka, a dance shared by all Caucasus-derived or Caucasus-influenced ethnic teams, is also popular amongst Azerbaijanis. The Azerbaijanis converse Azerbaijani, a Turkic language descended from the Western Oghuz Turkic language that became established in Azerbaijan in the eleventh and twelfth century CE.

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Despite friction, Azerbaijanis in Iran got here to be nicely represented in any respect ranges of “political, navy, and intellectual hierarchies, in addition to the religious hierarchy”. Azerbaijan has benefited from the oil business, however excessive levels of corruption have prevented larger prosperity for the inhabitants. Despite these issues, there is a financial rebirth in Azerbaijan as positive financial predictions and an lively political opposition appear determined to enhance the lives of common Azerbaijanis.

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The Armenian authorities did not recognize the new state and despatched its troops into the area to take management of it. By mid-June 1919, nevertheless, Armenia succeeded in establishing control over Nakhchivan and the whole territory of the self-proclaimed republic. The fall of the Aras republic triggered an invasion by the common Azerbaijani military and by the tip of July, Armenian troops have been compelled to leave Nakhchivan City to the Azerbaijanis.

Armenians in Baku

In 2017, after beating Copenhagen 2–2(a) within the play-off round of the UEFA Champions League, Qarabağ became the first Azerbaijani membership to succeed in the Group stage. The Azerbaijan nationwide futsal team reached fourth place in the 2010 UEFA Futsal Championship, whereas domestic club Araz Naxçivan clinched bronze medals at the 2009–10 UEFA Futsal Cup and 2013–14 UEFA Futsal Cup. Azerbaijan was the primary azerbaijani women sponsor of Spanish soccer membership Atlético de Madrid during seasons 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, a partnership that the club described should ‘promote the image of Azerbaijan in the world’. In 1991, after Azerbaijan gained its independence from the Soviet Union, the first Baku International Film Festival East-West was held in Baku.


In Azerbaijani language publications, the expression “Azerbaijani nation” referring to those that had been known as Tatars of the Caucasus first appeared within the newspaper Kashkul in 1880. Historical Azerbaijan (also referred to as Iranian Azerbaijan) is believed to be named after him. This title was firstly utilized by Soviet regime for Turkish people of Azerbaijan due to their political strikes. The historical past of Zoroastrianism in Azerbaijan goes back to the primary millennium BC. Together with the opposite territories of the Persian Empire, Azerbaijan remained a predominantly Zoroastrian state until the Arab invasion within the 7th century.

The Udi language, still spoken in Azerbaijan, may be a remnant of the Albanians’ language. Turkification of the Azerbaijanis derives from the Turkic settlements within the space now generally known as Azerbaijan, which began and accelerated during the Seljuk period. In the year 1025, about forty,000 families of Oghuz Turks migrated to the area of Caucasian Albania (present-day Azerbaijan), which was predated by the settlement of 12,000 Turkic Khazars within the seventh-8th centuries. The migration of Oghuz Turks from current-day Turkmenistan, which is attested by linguistic similarity, remained excessive by way of the Mongol interval, as many troops under the Ilkhans have been Turkic.

The overwhelming majority of Azerbaijanis stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan. Between 8 and 18.5 million Azerbaijanis live in Iran, primarily within the northwestern provinces.

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A fifth of all Azerbaijanis fought within the Second World War from 1941 to 1945. Approximately 681,000 individuals with over a hundred,000 of them women went to the front, while the entire inhabitants of Azerbaijan was three.4 million at the time. Azerbaijani Major-General Azi Aslanov was twice awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union. Thereafter, the world was underneath the successive rule of the Iranian Zands and Qajars.